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as referenced in the Emmy-winning HBO drama
The Sopranos
(named by TV Guide as one of the greatest shows of all time)

"WOW!  Is that a SOTA Turntable?"
2002 Series - Episode 6 Aired 10/20/02

New SOTA Turntables

Listener Hi-Fi & Music Review Magazine
September/October 2002
Reviewed by Bruce Kinch

"One other aspect of the SOTA's performance impressed me:  the sense of rock solid speed stability."  "...the effectiveness of this approach is so well known that competing brands offer their equivalent as an extra-cost upgrade."

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"The SOTA suspension is -- and by a country mile -- the most cost-effective antidote for floor-borne disruption, I've encountered.  It may be the best built-in isolation system short of mag-lev or an air bearing, period."  Bruce Kinch, Listener Hi-Fi & Music Review, September/October, 2002


The basic goal of achieving maximum information retrieval in turntable performance is one of controlling microscopic vibrations a task that requires the utmost in engineering precision and comprehensive design.

Every variable important to turntable design can be explained with simple high school physics. Each problem is identifiable and addressable, and for each an elegant solution awaits the designer that knows the right questions to ask.

At SOTA, turntable design has been carried to its logical conclusion, with the most comprehensive, scientific approach to identifying all the universal variables that undermine pure signal retrieval. By acknowledging and resolving these issues, SOTA turntables achieve an unmatched level of neutrality and accuracy, and have rightly garnered their position as one of the world's best.

Every SOTA turntable employs the same concept of comprehensive design and handcrafted excellence. And most models can be upgraded and/or updated over time, so that your investment in a SOTA turntable will never become outdated or obsolete.

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