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Manila-Acapulco Slave Trade
Rev. Joesmaria Luengo

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Format: Softcover, ***pp.
Publisher: Salus Press
Pub. Date: November  2001
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This new release is great!

The Museeks Review
Did the Filipinos settle in America before the English colonies? They sure did--over sixty years before! They arrived as skilled sailors on the Spanish Galleons in 1556 and perhaps even before, populating Cajun Louisiana, Guatemala, South America, and also founding Los Angeles, missions in San Francisco, etc.

Fr. Luengo explores the so-called rape of Philippine identity by the history books, including the fact that it was a Filipino, navigator to Magellan, who first circumnavigated the world, not Magellan! Includes research findings on Origins of Filipino race in Greek, Jewish, Phonecian, Hungarian, Tartar, India, China, and others.

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From the Publisher
These days, when Bohol's Rev. Josemaria Luengo talks, the press listens. Unlike the academicians that populate the Philippine universities, Luengo is a down-and-dirty investigative historian. For thirty years, and more recently on Commission from Cardinal Sin of Manila, Luengo has broken story after story of the early Filipino Saints and their relation to the ancient origins and spirituality of the Filipino people. Acclaimed by the Dean of the University of the Philippines, and prominent politicians and scholars alike, Fr. Luengo is beginning to awaken the consciousness of the true Philippine identity. Those who know the score know that Fr. Luengo is the one to listen to--especially now that international education is so tampered with and anti-Catholic.

Now Luengo has written the smartest, most innovative history book to be published in years. .

Author Biography: Fr. Josemaria Luengo, PhD, is a Roman Catholic diocesan Priest and founder of Mater Dei College in Bohol, Phillippines. With a Doctorates in Education, he has established boarding schools for the poor and destitute, Salus Institute, which trains on technology, prayer and other practical living skills. His graduates have went from being youths of poverty to become PhD's, Deans of major Universities, Bishops, and successful parents. He rotates his residences yearly among Palo Alto, CA, Normal IL, and Phillippines, and is a frequent guest speaker at Universities across the world.

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  From Palo Alto Musical Times  
Fr. Luengo shows, with clarity, that far too many people don't have a clue what's really going on in the world. His books are quick reads, accurate, and make you aware!
From Real World Today  
Don't just throw money at the poor. Give to Fr. Luengo's Mater Dei College. This saintly man produces RESULTS!



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Blessed are those who seek first to know themselves and their neighbor...



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